Hello friends,
We’re glad you stopped by. Most people like you want to know what they can expect when they visit a church. They want to know if that church is worth checking out. So let us tell you a little about us. 
We have been around a long time. We, like any        church, have seen a lot of changes over the years. We still make an impact on our community. One of the things we strive to be is “the best church for our community.” Every church wants to be “the best church IN their community.” We want to be that too. But there’s  a difference between the two. So we default to being the “best church for our community.” 
When we meet is important!  No one wants to walk into a new place late. You will find directions to see our regular weekly schedule on the home page but even if you are a bit late, we don’t mind.
How to find us is important as well. Our street address is 602 Main St, Liberty, TX. We are located on Main St, a couple of blocks north of the Liberty County Courthouse. 
As you arrive at our campus you will find blue and      white “guest parking” directional signs. They will lead you to our guest parking lot. From there you will find  directional signs leading you to our main entrance. Our main entrance is located on the northwest corner of our sanctuary. It is the entrance on Main St with tall glass walls. 
 There is a Place for You & Your Family in Bible study  and worship. On Sunday mornings, Bible study groups for all ages meet throughout our facilities. After Bible  study, we gather for worship in our newly renovated    sanctuary.  Preschoolers and children (through 4th      grade) meet for SuperKids & Children’s church in the North Education Bldg. However, if you would like to have your children with you in worship that’s great too.
On Wednesday evenings, adults meet for prayer time  and Bible study; middle school and high school          students meet for their mid-week “youth group”; and    children and preschoolers meet for their Wednesday  SuperKids time.  
FYI: We dress in jeans, we dress in suit and 
everything in between. If it is modest and in good taste, we wear it.
We sing hymns, old and new favorites, and currently popular songs.
We read, teach from, and preach from different Bible translations. Brother Steve preaches from the Christian Standard Bible. If you don’t have a Bible there is one waiting for you in the seating area close to you. If you don’t have a Bible, please take one of ours. Its our gift to you.  
What we believe as a church may be the most             important thing to know about us. Click here to see    our Vision document to see what we believe as a        church.
Welcome to First!