Puggles (Toddlers)
Cubbies (Preschool)
Sparks (K-2nd)
Truth & Training (3rd-6th)
 Welcome to FBC Awana!
It is a pleasure to serve you and your clubber in First Baptist Church Liberty Awana program this year. Our Directors, Leaders, and Listeners are excited about sharing God’s word and look forward to working with your clubber each week. 
Awana meets on Sunday night from 4:00-5:30 PM. There is an Awana Calendar and Schedule provided above.
Important info to know:
 Handbook for Cubbies (3 to 5 yrs old) & Sparks (K thru 2nd grade) – their handbook will go home with them to memorize their verses. The Awana listener/leader will sign their book once the verse has been recited.
 Handbook for Truth & Training (3rd thru 6th grade) – We do not send the handbooks home but we do provide them with the memory verses so they can work on memorizing throughout the week. The T&T clubbers work on their handbooks together during Sunday night Awana.
DROP OFF – Begins at 4:00 PM in the Activities Building. 
 NOTE: Unaccompanied children are NOT allowed in the Activities Bldg.  PICK-UP Time is 5:30PM  Kids are not allowed to leave without an adult. Adults should be available and waiting in the Activities Building. No sibling under the age of 16 years old will be allowed to pick up a clubber.
DRESS CODE – For safety reasons during Game Time and modesty purposes
 Shorts (school-allowed length) or jeans
 Closed-toe shoes are highly recommended to help protect feet during Game Time.
Thank you for allowing your clubber to be a part of Awana. We look forward to a great year!!!
Penni Gilliland – Awana Director (pkgilliland80@gmail.com)